The HOPE of EASTER: WHY We Can Take That First Step Toward the Healing of Abuse!

TToday we celebrate EASTER!  He is risen! This is why we have hope for change!

These are my thoughts today in a nutshell.  The Trinity of the Godhead…the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit….Three Persons in One….shows us how to be in a healthy relationship with others.  Theirs is a relationship with love and trust at its foundation, at its very core.

The ultimate battle between good and evil took place in the Garden of Gethsemane, followed by the reality of the cross.   Jesus Christ faced the temptation to distrust God the Father’s plan, to believe that God the Father was not love, to yield to thinking that the Father was selfish and controlling!

Think of our world today!  What is the core cause of destructive events?   Lack of or broken relationship.  Divided families?  Lack of or broken relationship.    Abuse?  Lack of or broken relationship.   Wars?  Lack of or broken relationship.   The pain of losing someone to death?  Lack of or broken relationship.

How we build up or tear down our relationships will change our world for better or worse!

Jesus’ temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane was to abandon His relationship with God and to yield to what Satan had yielded to.   Satan yielded to pride and decided to fix His own problems and make himself most important rather than thinking of others.  He chose to control rather than trust.  

He chose SELF-centeredness rather than love for others.   CONTROL rather than trust.

If Jesus had given in, we would have no hope of ever knowing what genuine healthy relationship looked like.    Even the Trinity would have suffered the effects of division and divorce!

Jesus proved to us with His actions that God the Father indeed is a God of LOVE and that He can be trusted!!   God never asks for sacrifice unless there is  a much greater good that will result from it!!

Because of Good Friday which culminated in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter morning…we have HOPE!     We can be in relationship with God!!  We can know Christ!   The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Comforter, who leads us by speaking the Father’s Words to our hearts!   We learn that God is a redemptive God!!   That He brings good out of what would have destroyed us when we choose Him with our whole heart!!

Can I explain it?  No, but the details of life and the Bible fit together!!   The more I learn, the more the puzzle pieces come together and the more the reality of my relationship with God has grown!

I’ve struggled to follow up the previous post on the effects of sexual abuse on adult relationship.   I’d rather avoid a difficult subject.  I’d rather always make people happy!

However, if we want to experience a resurrection in our own hearts, we must plow our way through  our personal Gethsemane until we can come to our own Easter!!    One author said, “Because of Jesus’ foreknowledge (His omniscience), He experienced Gethsemane before the crucifixion.   We have our Gethsemane after our “cross”, i.e. our broken trust, broken heart, or wounded soul!   For us, it requires a longer processing time.

So, because of the Hope of Easter, I’m going to press on!!

To be continued….



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